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About Us – TAFTAT

About Us

Creative studio with Entrepreneurial background & Experience

Experience has taught us taught us the value of enabling our company to jump two steps at a time with the support & knowledge of professionals in their field. Now we are here to do this for you & your business.

Who are we ?

We are a team of creatives that have grown through developing our own businesses and feeling first hand the thrills, challenges and responsibilities. Our knowledge and areas of expertise range from photography, videography, advertising to graphic and product design as well as what is needed to deploy these on International market. 

Why our team ?

We know the value of time and the cost measured in time of aquiring the necessary skills to successfully run a business. We also know just how long it can take to collaborate with various entities to create the necessary content and that is why we want to enable yo to have TAFTAT as your single point of contact for all your journeys into the creative sphere.

What we do
Brand VIdeos

A brand becomes more powerful when it can tell its customers a story. What is the message and feeling your brand wants to convey?

Product Design

Our team can help take your vision on the journey from sketch, to a 3D project as well as help you manage the best way to make it reality and bring it out into the market.

Graphic Design

Design graphic content that can be used for brochures or marketing, as well as more complex elements that involve user interaction such as the design of mobile apps or websites.


Advertising is all about keeping up with the trends and understanding the shift in supply in demand. It all boils down to where the user’s attention is. It’s our job to keep up & get you the best conversion rates.

Lookbook Photography

We understand that not every client has the budget to close down a street for a photo shoot. That is why we scout for locations to match your objectives and specialise in editing to create a clean, professional look.

Event Videos

We are able to come on set or at events with photography as well as videography equipment to capture your moment in the best possible light.


Apps, fashion products, interiors, health courses, food establishments, you name it, chances are we’ve worked on it and we know too well that they can all get a boost with the right graphic design.

Product Photography

Products can stand out even when photographed on a white background. We are here to approach your project with fresh eyes and create product photographs that are discreetly unusual.

Real Estate Content

With our experience in this field, we are here to display your properties in the best light and help you bring those prospect buyers through the door. From there, it’s on to you.


We will sweat it out until we get those shots that will make you smile while looking back at the result.


+4723 40 48 49
+44 2032 89 49 49



#68 Bvdul Aviatorilor, Bucharest

#228 Innovation Center, Marsh Wall, London